About Us.

Our Supporters

New Motion Labs (formerly InfiGear) began life at University College London. We have since been fortunate enough to take part in prestigious accelerators with Deep Science Ventures, the Advanced Propulsion Centre and King’s College London. These accelerators have awarded us invaluable expert guidance, as well as match-funding and pre-seed investment.

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Executive Team

Marcel Fowler

Chief Executive Officer

AbdulShakur Abdullah

Chief Operations Officer

Josh Palmer

Design Lead

Lucas Lobmeyer

Analysis Lead

Our Board and Advisers

Andrew Hall

Non-Executive Director

More than 30 years experience working in engineering technologies, including at executive level for Siemens

Cynthia Nadal

Non-Executive Director

More than 13 years experience working in product development, strategy and international expansion

Elizabeth Gazda

Non-Executive Director

More than 20 years experience working in technology, including as a start-up CEO

Colin Stott

Market Expert Advisor

Ex-sales director of Renold Chain with more than 30 years experience in engineering

Jason Foster

Marketing Advisor

Investor and former marketing director for international companies

Peter Finnie

Intellectual Property Advisor

IP lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience maximising returns realised from innovation

Kenji Suzuki

Market Expert Advisor

International business and financial advisor with a specialised focus on Japanese, Israeli, ASEAN and Indian markets

Pete Hutton

IP Licensing Advisor

Former ARM President of Product Groups with experience both as an executive manager and an engineer working on licensing technology